The Realm of Hypernova

Concept and Curration
An Exhibition that took place during the Passagen 2015. A project together with Eva Herrmann, Max Pietro Hoffmann, Karl Frederik Scholz, Ana Maria Merkel and Jan Buckenmayer.

There are a couple of old bunkers in Cologne. Left overs from the second world wa.r. Most of them are rotten unused and forgotten. We had the chance to transform and rearrange one of them into a new art space. Our Bunker is right in the middle of Cologne, next to a railway station. Back in the days it was built to protect the workers of the station.

Nine weeks before the Interior Design Week Cologne 2015 started, designers from various European cities gathered to explore the bunker. We used this special space as a starting point and a central element for the creation of an exhibition concept and its implementation. There were no rules, no limitations, only a common motivation for the creation of a new space. In a workshop we discussed the fresh sensaitions and experiences we had in the bunker. Gradually, the conversations formed a picture of a room, that should not function as an ordinary exhibition. We created conditions, developed forms, a language and finally a manifesto was composed – A manifesto of heterotopia.

Participants from Design Academy Eindhoven, Ecal – Ecole Cantonale d'art de Lausanne, Sandberg Instituut, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg and Köln International School of Design:


Jan Buckenmayer

Anne Buescher
Lukas Maria Cober
Adriaan De Man
Laura Ferriere
Julia Fischer
Chadia Hadda
Eva Herrmann
Max Pietro Hoffmann
Hannah Kuhlmann

Anna Maria Merkel
Bianca Quasebarth
Stanley Sagart
Simon Schmitz
Thomas Schneider
Karl Frederik Scholz
Chia Wie Wang
Meng Hsun Wu