Upcoming Shows

2020 – PASSAGEN, “Pantheon Phantasma”, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne Germany
2020 – PASSAGEN, “Pantheon Phantasma Dependance”, Gold+Beton, Cologne Germany
2020 – PASSAGEN, “Agglomerat”, Hallmackenreuther, Cologne Germany

Past Shows

2019 – “Apophotera”, Hallmackenreuther, Cologne Germany
2019 – “POP UP Yoga²”, POP68, Cologne, Germany 
2019 – Elisabeth Strouven Fonds, Maastricht, The Netherlands 2019 – ART COLOGNE, KUNSTGRUPPE‚ "Wer kann, der soll", Salon Schmitz, Cologne, Germany
2019 – PASSAGEN‚ "Aggregat", Kunsthaus Rhenania/Werft5, Cologne, Germany 2019 – PASSAGEN, “SHINE” by Embracing Exchange, Galerie Palme–Vogelsang, Cologne, Germany
2019 – PASSAGEN, “Studio Kuhlmann x grünblaugrauinterieur” grünblaugrauinterieur, Cologne, Germany
2018 – Dutch Design Week, “SHINE” by Embracing Exchange, YKSI, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 2018 – PASSAGEN‚ "Homo Ludens –Eine Ausstellung zum spielenden Menschen", Kunsthaus Rhenania/Werft5, Cologne, Germany 2017 – Dutch Design Week‚ "Studio Kuhlmann", Sectie C, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2016 – "Spaces of Desire" PILOT project space,
Cologne, Germany
2015 – Dutch Design Week‚ "Change of State", Sectie C, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 2015 – Salone del Mobile, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, "Slow
City", Ventura Lambrate, Milano, Italy
2015 – Passagen Design Week Cologne, Bunkerkollektiv, "THE REALM OF HYPERNOVA", Atelier am Bahngleis, Cologne, Germany 2014 – Art Basel, Depot Basel, "Craft & Bling Bling", Basel, Swiss 2014 – Fashionclash, "The Clash Project", Maastricht, The Netherlands 2013 – Salone del Mobile, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, "Hygiene", Ventura Lambrate, Milano, Itay


2015 – Officina Carolina Wilcke, Amsterdam 2015 – Studio Reinier Bosch, Amsterdam
2014 – Depot Basel, Basel
2014 – Bureau Matylda Krzykowski, Maastricht