Studio Kuhlmann creates furniture that blurs the line between art and design. Every piece is handmade in the Studio based in Cologne Germany.

Hannah Kuhlmann graduated 2015 at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Maastricht – The Netherlands with a Bachelor of Arts in Product Design.

She has gained her experience trough formative internships for Studio Reinier Bosch, Officina Carolina Wilcke, Bureau Matylda Krzykowski and the Depot Basel.

2019 – Elisabeth Strouven Fonds, Maastricht, The Netherlands

2019 – ART COLOGNE – KUNSTGRUPPE‚ "Wer kann, der soll", Salon Schmitz, Cologne, Germany

2019 – PASSAGEN‚ "Aggregat", Kunsthaus Rhenania/Werft5, Cologne, Germany

2019 – PASSAGEN, “SHINE” by Embracing Exchange, Galerie Palme–Vogelsang, Cologne, Germany

2019 – PASSAGEN, “Studio Kuhlmann zu Besuch bei GrünBlauGrau Interior” by GrünBlauGrauInterior, Cologne, Germany

2018 – Dutch Design Week, “SHINE” by Embracing Exchange, YKSI, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2018 – PASSAGEN‚ "Homo Ludens –Eine Ausstellung zum spielenden Menschen", Kunsthaus Rhenania/Werft5, Cologne, Germany

2017 – Dutch Design Week‚ "Studio Kuhlmann", Sectie C, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2016 – "Spaces of Desire" PILOT project space,
Cologne, Germany, (–Initator)

2015 – Dutch Design Week‚ "Change of State", Sectie C, Eindhoven, Netherlands

2015 – Salone del Mobile, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, "Slow City", Ventura Lambrate, Milano, Italy

2015 – Passagen Design Week Cologne, Bunkerkollektiv, "THE REALM OF HYPERNOVA", Atelier am Bahngleis, Cologne, Germany (–Initator)

2014 – Art Basel, Depot Basel, "Craft & Bling Bling", Basel, Swiss (– Assistance)

2014 – Fashionclash, "The Clash Project", Maastricht, The Netherlands (– Assistance)

2013 – Salone del Mobile, Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design, "Hygiene", Ventura Lambrate, Milano, Italy

2015 – Officina Carolina Wilcke, Amsterdam
2015 – Studio Reinier Bosch, Amsterdam

2014 – Depot Basel, Basel

2014 – Bureau Matylda Krzykowski, Maastricht
Studio Kuhlmann, Hartwichstraße 101, 50733 Köln